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MY PAGES OF CONCERN – Beautiful Losers’ Favourite Game, the real and virtual world of Cohenites

  Won't You Let Me See, a channel with playlists of Leonard Cohen 
video clips (25, covering 1985–2012, plus I Am a Hotel movie from 1983); 
TV ads (55, covering 1992–2013); 
soundcheck videos (35, covering 2008–2013).
image   Abstractor Of The Quintessence collects artistic work, ranging from dance to videography to satiric verse to painting, based on, inspired by, or responding to Leonard Cohen’s music, poetry, and prose. – Active as a blog in 2011–2014, as a newsflash since 2014.
image   Old Ideas, the pre-release history of the 12th studio album by Leonard Cohen, from the rumors of Summer 2011 to the release of Old Ideas in late January 2012.
image   Do I Have to Dance This Year, a timeline of Jarkko's hints concerning, Cohenites' guesses about, and DrHGuy’s measurements of the 2012 Tour.
  LC BY RU: The Russian Community Tribute to Leonard Cohen (September 21, 2014) 
19 compositions, 91 minutes 
Musical Director: Fedor Mikishatjev aka McKryach 
Project Director: Roman Gavrilin aka Hermitage Prisoner